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In a sizzling blend of psychological suspense and New Age mysticism, Carey Sampson is a floundering, canine-phobic journalist struggling to keep her career alive when her doting co-worker Davis Fairfield dies in an apparent accident.

Obsessed in life with catching killers after he nabbed the murderer of his own little brother, Davis is now trapped in a quasi-hereafter state until he can solve the riddle of his own death. He desperately communicates via garbled email, travels through mirrors and subconsciously influences others. Coincidentally assuming both his work as well as his luxury condo, Carey soon realizes Davis himself was murdered. Her investigations draw her into danger from a vengeful hit man and an unknown killer who intends her as his final victim. Carey will need to utilize all her investigative training and self-preservation skills to emerge with her cases solved–and her life spared.


If only I wasn’t the guy in the casket.
It was all a bad dream, the worst sort of nightmare, one from which I would never awaken. I was dead. There was no getting past it. Aside from the doubtful resuscitation of reputed Haitian zombies, I didn’t believe in returning from the dead. There was no chance in hell of that for me. The enormous cruelty of my situation was crushing.

“So, what happened to me, you ask? I’m getting to that part. I’m taking a long time to tell you what is, in fact, a very short story. One day I came home and discovered shortly thereafter I was dead, and that’s about all I know.”