Barbara Schading, Ph.D.

Naked Came the Flamingo

"Fanny Flamingo's predicament is for the birds!"

Barbara Schading was the dubious author of chapter 8 of this Florida Mystery writers' collaborative novella, which has been described as:
"Cheesy villains, a saucy herioine - a riot of delicious fun for the hard boiled fan"
"Bard and feathered, this slippery mystery delivers squawks of delight"
"High-flying suspense...a scrambled plot...this story is no featherweight!"

Selected Works

Non-Fiction, Military
A Civilian's Guide to the U.S. Military
"...An indispensible introduction to the world's greatest military." W.E.B. Griffin, best-selling author of The Corps and other military series.
An inexperienced journalist assumes the inquiries of a recently-deceased investigative reporter who specialized in unsolved murders, unaware the dead man is a ghost who must solve his own murder.
Fraud in the legal industry and canine guards send Carey on a terrifying chase to right several terrible wrongs.
The Intentional Error
Co-authors of a thriller series with their own secrets to hide must assume their character’s super-sleuth qualities to survive when they inadvertently purchase a rug specifying a 911-like attack in London.
Letters at the End
Dying woman writes letters to people who've influenced her life.
But I Digress
Wacky chick lit tale of beachlife insanity!
Naked Came the Flamingo
"Move over Travis McGee. The Flamingo has Landed."
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