Barbara Schading, Ph.D.

Disclosure (Sequel to Closure)

Sequel to Closure. Still recovering from the realization that Davis was murdered, Carey continues work on his cold cases, focusing on a hit-and-run law clerk victim while she tries to keep her career alive. Carey battles the intricacies of patent law and canine guards as she struggles to maintain her sanity and keep her career--and self--alive. Davis returns to assist in his ghostly way.

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Selected Works

Non-Fiction, Military
A Civilian's Guide to the U.S. Military
"...An indispensible introduction to the world's greatest military." W.E.B. Griffin, best-selling author of The Corps and other military series.
An inexperienced journalist assumes the inquiries of a recently-deceased investigative reporter who specialized in unsolved murders, unaware the dead man is a ghost who must solve his own murder.
Fraud in the legal industry and canine guards send Carey on a terrifying chase to right several terrible wrongs.
The Intentional Error
Co-authors of a thriller series with their own secrets to hide must assume their character’s super-sleuth qualities to survive when they inadvertently purchase a rug specifying a 911-like attack in London.
Letters at the End
Dying woman writes letters to people who've influenced her life.
But I Digress
Wacky chick lit tale of beachlife insanity!
Naked Came the Flamingo
"Move over Travis McGee. The Flamingo has Landed."
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